Health, fairness and opportunities for all

One year towards a healthier and more prosperous community

Since August 2021, Transform North East has enabled better community access to social connection, health and relationship support, training and employment.

Community Cafe

Friendship Groups

Warm Spaces

500 strong regional membership list

Community members connected with credible sources of help and support

Social isolation within the community dramatically reduced in combination with outreach work and referrals within the community

Secured and advocated for investments of over £250k in a community hub, facilitating over 250 contacts a week with a warm-space café to be open from October 1st 2022

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Friendship Groups meet at the Top Club every Friday between 11am and 1pm – it's an open door and Angela and June would love to introduce themselves

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Stories and news from around the region

Many people in the local community reported a sense of abject loneliness during and following the pandemic. Through our friendship group projects, we are meeting with and listening to the needs of the most isolated in the community. Here are some stories of how members within the friendship groups are helping each other.

Providing hope to others

No matter who we are or what we have to offer we can help each other and those in our local communities if we take a first step.